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Who We Are and What We Do


  • We Listen…to our customers, to each other and to the Market

  • We provide efficient freight forwarding solutions to our clients

  • We hire certified, qualified, licensed prospects

  • We use technology to connect every process, every customer, every shipment

  • We invest in our community and reinvest in our company

  • Our competitive edge is our Diversity

  • We are a boutique transit and logistics company targeting a specific need for efficient and consistent freight forwarding

  • We manage the transit of goods between business locations: “From Shipper to Shopper”

  • We customize transport options to maximize satisfaction, minimize costs and complexities

  • We deliver on-time and as promised

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Our Business


  • Dedicated and On-Demand Delivery of big box freight

  • Dedicated Dispatchers

  • Licensed, Insured and Bonded

  • E-Commerce for customer and employee convenience

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